Human Human



Yejin Yoo (b. Seoul, Korea) uses the digital space as a continuum of a studio practice that is based on individual and emotional expressions. In the virtual lab, she mixes ingredients of physical textures/marks with illusions/illuminating pixelations to create a visual catalyst that prompts an energetic shift for herself and other viewers. Stemming from the traditional abstract painting, the subject and object of her work links to a kind of simulation of life, a way to express paradoxical tensions, transformation and wonder.

The subject of her photos varies from her paintings/art objects to body movements, other natural elements and everyday environments. These images are juxtaposed as a way to articulate a process or a just-around-the-corner thought linked with sensory memories. She works toward making visible digital and physical qualities of the pictures where the immateriality of digital aesthetics — noise, blurriness, inverted color, enlarged pixelation — amplifies the materiality of the imagery. In a similar vein, the chemistry of sensory dialectics, such as complementary color/temperature/speed, is often present in her work to create a kind of perceptual elasticity and fluidity, balanced in the eyes of the beholder.

Yejin Yoo received BFA and MFA with an emphasis in painting and installation, and MPS Art Therapy from School of Visual Arts, NY. She is an artist, art therapist and a reiki practitioner living and working in Brooklyn NY. She is inspired by the dialectics both as a philosophic medium and the aesthetic elements in her work. It is a process to “live without certainty, and yet without being paralyzed by hesitation” (Bertrand Russell) in a world permeated with paradox.